Special Edition Honey Pot made specially for Birdsong and Bee Honey by Carys Ceramics.


Our 12 carat golden bee rests gently on the lid before returning to its community. We can learn so much from bees in the absolute harmony of their community, where everyone has their role and no one is obsolete. Together they work to produce what they alone could not, the gift of this precious honey.

No pot is the same as it is handmade. 


What makes these pots unique?

- The body of the honey pot is wheel thrown and then left to dry to leather hard before the foot rim is trimmed, bottom stamped and the sides hand carved. The lid is wheel thrown and then hand manipulated to give its organic shape. The design is carved and then the bee is hand sculpted. The pieces are then left to dry over a number of days until  the clay contains no water. The first firing is the biscuit firing that takes the piece up to 1000 degrees centigrade over around 10 hours with a slow cooling over the next 18 hours. The pieces are then ready to be glazed. I hand make all my glazes from the raw materials. The pieces are dipped into the glaze to ensure an even coating and then the bases wiped clean so they don't fuse to the kiln in the next firing.  The glaze firing reaches cone 7 which is around 1240 degrees centigrade. This firing takes around 10 hours with a slow 18 hour cool down. The bottoms of the pots are then sanded and the fit of the lids is checked. During the heat of the firing pieces can distort and there is a shrinkage of the whole piece of around 12% during the whole making process. The gold lustre is now ready to be applied. The gold is a 12 carat liquid gold that is hand painted onto the piece and then left to cure for a few days before the third and final firing. The pieces take a number of weeks to go through all the stages of the make. 

The glazes and lustre are food safe. The gold cannot be put into microwave or dishwasher. The inspiration for the seed head pot comes from poppy seeds.

- Carys Ceramics



Handmade Honey Pot & Refill

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